How Maxi Jax Works

MaxiJax slew bearing maintenance system

Maxi Jax is a Hydraulic Lifting System for Raising Excavator Super Structures for Fast & Easy Slew Bearing Replacement

The owner, founder and inventor of Maxi Jax, Mr Mark Prentice, has worked in the mining industry for over 25 years and in many countries including Indonesia, Africa, Germany and Mongolia. During this time, Mr. Prentice has consistently demonstrated an ability to provide successful and comprehensive slew bearing replacement repair and maintenance services to large mining companies.

During his time working for major mining companies such as Rio Tinto, Terex Corporation and Freeport McMoran, Mark saw first hand the major delays and massive cost over-runs involved in slew bearing replacement. Mark has invented his patent pending Maxi Jax lifting system to overcome these problems.

maxi jax slew bearing system airfreighted

1. Fast Air Shipment to Your Location

The Maxi Jax hydraulic jacking system has been specially engineered to fit inside a standard LD9 Airfreight container. Maxi Jax has partnered with leading air freight companies, and is airfreighted anywhere around the globe to you, to support bearing changes for planned maintenance as well as provide a fast breakdown service. Depending upon where you are in the world, Maxi Jax will get to your facility within 48-72 hours.

2. Four Day Slew Bearing Replacement

The standard approach to slew bearing replacement involves multiple cranes and a full machine strip down is around 3 – 4 weeks of down time. Our Safety processes ensure injury free maintenance, and Maxi Jax will have your hydraulic shovels back operating again in 4 days.

workers performing slew bearing replacement
car shovel after slew bearing replacement

3. Your Shovels Are Back at Work - Fast

Maxi Jax will slash your costs compared to typical strip downs.

Compared to standard approaches to slew bearing replacement, we estimate your total savings, including downtime, to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars depending upon shovel type.

Maxi Jax services all hydraulic shovels from 100 ton up to 800 ton.

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