Maxi Jax Slashes Slew Bearing Replacement Costs

Our Synchronised Lifting System Ensures Your Planned Maintenance or Shovel Breakdown Downtime is Smashed

MaxiJax slew bearing maintenance system

We Won’t Let You Down

Maxi Jax

Gets Your Equipment Moving

My patent-pending Maxi Jax system gets your heavy machinery back on track by slashing your maintenance time for slew bearing replacement, whilst ensuring absolute safety. Your machines will be down for mere days instead of weeks, and your cost savings will be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Mark Prentice, Maxi Jax Inventor & CEO

Mark Prentice
shovel slew bearing maintenance services

No Complex Logistics | No Cranes | Absolute Safety

Synchronised Hydraulic Jacking System from Maxi Jax

Maxi Jax is a game changer for mining corporations seeking to cut costs and reduce downtime.
Rather than hire cranes, allocate additional labour and lose weeks to dismantle your machinery, Maxi Jax can be onsite within 48 hours world-wide and get your slew bearings replaced within 4 working days.
The savings to your facility will be hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Downtime Reduced By
Costs Reduced By
Maintenance Logistics Reduced By

How Does it Work?

Synchronised Jacking!

Our patent pending Maxi Jax system uses a specially manufactured synchronised lifting system which lifts the main super-structure of the excavator allowing slew bearing replacement without dismantling your machine module by module. The traditional approach of dismantling machinery module by module involves several cranes, many man hours, and weeks of downtime. Maxi Jax slashes your costs and gets your hydraulic digging units back working for you ASAP.

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